HR professionals: tools to support the digital transformation

The HR professionals must consider three issues if they want to contribute to their role in supporting the business in traditional companies that are in the process of digital transformation.

  1. Understanding that most companies are going to transform and adopt the digital economy.
  2. Identifying emerging technologies that will have a significant impact on this process of transformation.
  3. Assuming that their role in the coming years will be ensuring that the company has the necessary management skills for the transformation processes.

In this sense, HR can not cope with the challenges of the digital age without understanding the new business models and promoting the creation of new business ecosystems.

In recent years we have developed new ways of producing, distributing and marketing, especially linked to the rise of emerging technologies (Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0), which have turned talent into the real power. We also face a new labor model, in which workers are increasingly moving away from traditional values of dependence.

Video is also a really powerful tool capable of shaping behaviours. Webinars, Moocs, online training, videofied manuals, gamification… all of them use video at their core and help companies grow by intervening in processes such as recruitment, on boarding, formal training, HR policies, change management…

And let’s not forget the importance of social networks, as they have led to an innovative way of conceiving relations and are integrated into the business plans of organizations to undertake various initiatives.

Increasingly, the business is in the digital economy and the HR function should be mindful of the need for the necessary executive talent, through the development of professionals who are already in the company or by the external feedback, so organizations do not have to stop addressing strategic projects due to lack of knowledge or lack of skills.

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