CASE STUDY: ROADWARRIOR.TV – Courseware, Classroom 2.0 and LMS as a registrar.

It’s amazing how many times has this situation happened lately: Large corporations seeking a substantial improvement in their in their training departments (L & D). They go after a technological improvement that involves a qualitative leap and that puts them at the head of the race for innovation, through the use of trending tools such as on-line video, collaborative platforms or the ultimate LMS.

But how is the situation we find in each of these cases? Most usually, these companies demand videos that they try to integrate into their LMS, unsuccessfully, without a proper structure and more importantly, without results.


What do they lack? A classroom. Yes, usually that aforementioned collaborative platform, a place where students can not only learn from the masters, but become teachers, discover and share knowledge.


For us, the equation would be represented as follows:

For dani

Our solution starts with an EVER-GROWING LIBRARY OF CONTENT delivered as videos as we know there is A FUNDAMENTAL AND IRREVERSIBLE SHIFT IN THE WAY PEOPLE CONSUME CONTENT (In the U.S. alone, in 2013, 183 million users watched more than 37 billion online videos). Imagine a video-rich Pop Experience, with engaging formats that make learning easy and fun. Gameshows, sitcoms, realities, interviews… all of them related to your content and covering your curriculum. That’s the Courseware.


Now you may discuss the reason why we consider the LMS as a registrar, but that’s what it is, a learning management system, the official keeper of student records. A box where you sure can leave all those videos, powerpoints, PDFs… for your students to go through the courses you compile and leave a track. But a bookshelf would have the same function, wouldn’t it?


That’s why we think there’s a missing factor, the classroom, that perfectly links the courseware corporations demand with their need to have an LMS.


Now, the following is how we see the classroom as an extreme e-learning platform built up to power transformational growth in industries that rely heavily on FIELD AGENTS. Cause if it works for thousands of employees on the field, imagine what it can do with all those employees working from headquarters.

You may recall field agents from spionage in movies but the truth is there are thousands of these employees out there, hitting the road: From Insurance to Pharma, Direct Selling, Real State, Distributors… all of these require capable employees who have to work and develop their skills while going from one place to another… accomplishing their mission.

In a previous post we presented our formula for managing knowledge intensity. We discussed items such as volume and complexity of knowledge, frequency of the updates, reinforcement, the dispersion of the population and asynchronicity of this knowledge…


None of these can be disregarded. All these industries and organizations are facing these factors even more than a regular company: Thousand of distant customers, hundreds of agents, too many locations to visit… and given this situation, if they want to grow, they need continuous training, constant updates, a flawless communication and a lot of motivation.


That’s where the classroom 2.0 comes in.


Introducing a solution beyond plain video. For example, by applying gamification techniques, you can convert the learning into a much more different experience. Not only engaging but encouraging and being motivational. Games exist to be completed and the more achievements you get, (badges, skill points, avatar upgrades…) the better. Why don’t turning this philosophy into a way to make your employees go through an entire learning curriculum? Plus, don’t forget, their development (not just completion but mastery) can be tracked by that ever-present LMS.


But wait… what if we go social? Here’s teh collaborative part. Learning on the cloud doesn’t only mean getting information from documents or videos streamed from a server but obtaining knowledge from others, from peers, from experts that can guide the rest, make suggestions, share their experiences and their successes to go beyond their personal boundaries. We envision the classroom 2.0 as a Social Network within your company, a space where your employees can discuss topics, learn from others, follow the leaders, find motivation, compete, build a culture… continuously, everyday.


Last but not least, this classroom 2.0 can work as a field reference manual that can be consulted  wherever and whenever, before an operation in order to solve FAQs.


A classroom 2.0 like this helps organizations capture and retain knowledge (even when people leave or retire) but mostly, it would mean a less intimidating and more fun learning solution:


  • that can reduce x4 the time needed to train an agent.
  • With up-to-date material  from HQ (being in the cloud allows you to easily update the materials)
  • Standardized delivery for thousands of employees (non dependant on the skills of a facilitator)
  • Social learning – learning from each other and learning from the BEST (competition)
  • More engaging – gamification allows to track progression and mastery but mostly encourages for completion. Also a point system (competition again)
  • Higher retention – thanks to the audiovisual techniques
  • Offers continuous learning


And let’s be honest. Training has always an important impact on sales as more sales come from having more agents and more sales per agent.


The fact is that we are living in an ever-more connected world, in which multimedia and interactivity are prized. This solution is suited to capitalize on all of these qualities, especially among younger users who are glued to their smartphones and tablets reducing costs as there are:

  • NO facilitators
  • NO classrooms
  • NO travel
  • NO food
  • NO electricity
  • NO printed materials


Multiply these by the training days per year and by the number of years an agent spends in the company.


The question is… do a solution like this exist? It does. Ours is called ROADWARRIOR.TV and you may want to know more about it as it possibly is the lost link that will help your L&D run flawlessly and power transformational growth within your company.

For more info visit:

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