Mission: Accomplished—A Case Study on Healthcare Compliance

We have already explained what Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Retention are and why handling Knowledge properly is so important for an organization and can definitely be a game changer.

But moving forward from theory into practice, we would like to describe a case study related to Healthcare Compliance and JCI Accreditation (simply put, the healthcare industry’s version of ISO Certification). We had the opportunity to work with a leading hospital group that was looking for a solution to expedite the massive training associated with renewing their JCI accreditation, while at the same time advancing the cultural values associated with change management.

The Game Changer

Corporate Television helped them not only in shortening and improving their training process (that previously used to be on location and in several batches), but also accelerating growth that had previously been hampered by ability to hire and onboard hundreds and thousands of new staff annually.

In order to do this, we went through our Architechure & Design phase and developed a holistic solution with 3 basic pillars.

First one is a library of videos targeting knowledge acquisition. This library is shaped as a tele-series, a 55 episode soap opera depicting the journey of a patient since the moment she arrives to the hospital till she’s discharged. That way, we are able to portray all the different employees and departments within the center. Now, the medical procedures shown across those 55 episodes were done in the wrong way. You’ll see why in a second.

The next pillar of our product is a cloud based gamefied platform (we call it Gameshow) that, in this case, serves as a container for the tele-series. The game is a Jeopardy-like grid every employee in the hospital has to play. Once they choose a particular tile, they watch the video and analyze “the wrong way”, hence having to spot out the mistakes in order to solve an activity launched right after the video is watched. The goal therefore, is unlocking all the tiles by watching the episodes and answering the tests properly. That’s how we measure mastery and progress. Each employee has his/her own account and can access the app using a specific profile so their achievements are tracked.

Last pillar of our product has to do with knowledge retention. It’s a different series of videos; contained and launched through an online platform (or microsite) we call Intranetwork TV. The main theme of this new series was Mission Impossible. These videos are released through Intranetwork TV on a weekly basis and they show real doctors and nurses from the hospital getting JCI related missions as if they were special agents. Through those messages, employees get a reminder on what the specifics of the JCI accreditation are, which procedures to follow, how to do it, why, etc. These series are meant to work as reminders of more technical stuff.

And that’s it: 3 main pillars, a library of videos for knowledge acquisition, a gamified application in order to engage and encourage mastery and progress and a second library of technical reminders served through an online platform on a regular basis following an episodic tv-like schedule.

A complete solution that helped this hospital group manage their knowledge intensive activities while reinforcing their cultural values associated with change management.


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