Eureka! Managing Knowledge Intensive Activities: Our Formula

Nowadays, it is hard to gain and retain the competitive advantage not only from the organisational perspective. Knowledge is considered to be one of the rare renewable resources.

Managing knowledge intensity is the key to radically increasing the reach, speed and ROI of your organization, if you’re the CEO; of your formal training program if you head training; of your sales program, if you head sales, of your service excellence, if you head operations; or of your corporate pres- ence, if you head communications.

In other words, knowledge intensity has a direct impact on Success.

Let’s look at the key drivers of knowledge intensity. We found a formula for it just like Einstein had his E=mc2



KI = 

Volume of knowledge: The amount of material or information that has to be cascaded greatly affects knowledge intensity. For instance, having to cascade a single employee manual is less knowledge intensive than having to cascade an entire training program.

x complexity of knowledge: Knowledge cascades are affected by how technical the information is, and the level of knowledge of the audience receiving it. Presenting a detailed sales manual to brand new sales representatives is more knowledge intensive than a broad reminder of sales policies to tried and tested sales reps.

x the frequency of knowledge updates: Every product launch or promotion, you have to cascade it that through however so many people there are in your organisation

x asynchronicity of knowledge interface: It used to be that you could do training in one time and place. But nowadays everyone has their own device, their own time, their own place. Training is asynchronous. It adds to the knowledge intensity of your operations.

x reinforcement lifecycle of knowledge: There’s this old saying in advertising that says that you have to  deliver a message 7 times before it so much registers in th head of your audience. But think about it. If you’re doing culture change, is seven times enough? fourteen times? Mission, vision, values? How many times a week do you need to reinforce these?

x the audience population: How many employees do you have? How diverse are they?

x the dispersion: Are your employees in 70 different countries?

So each of these variables adds to the Knowledge Intensity of your HR. And how you manage KI directly impacts the ROI of your HR and of your organisation for that matter.

Knowledge Intensity means you should do something more and something less…

What should you do more and what should you do less? There’s no magic to it.

You should do more video and less text. More video? Of course, more show and involve, less text, less powerpoint, less lecture, less speakers talking on the stage…

Confucious said it back in B.C:

“Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I will remember. Involve me, I will understand”

This is just the practical application of it. The difference is, technology is making industrial scale video across all of HR possible now.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.40.43 PMNot an opinion, just take a look at the empirical data and the unstoppable growth of video in the last five years, wether you measure it in number of views, number of dollars spent, advertising dollars, views through mobile… it’s that curve, it’s never gonna back down.

We are hardwired to communicate audiovisually.

Although text-based material are the norm in organizations, video offers a faster alternative to sitting and reading through manuals, reports, or powerpoint presentations. Video offers audio-visual touchpoints that are more engaging and interactive than text, making it the perfect spearhead when going up against knowledge intensive processes and materials.

Imagine your company’s newsletter – magazine-type newsletters would capture less interest and interaction than a newsletter-type video program conveniently e-mailed to all employees at regular intervals. Or imagine a video-based training program that not only tells employees how to go about various processes, but actually shows them how it’s done.

By combining industrial-scale video production with cloud/social/game technologies we can reach more people, in more locations, faster, more frequently, and in a way that delivers transformational growth.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.44.58 PM





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