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HR professionals: tools to support the digital transformation

HR professionals: tools to support the digital transformation

March 30, 2015

The HR professionals must consider three issues if they want to contribute to their role in supporting the business in traditional companies that are in the process of digital transformation. Understanding that most companies are going to transform and adopt the digital economy. Identifying emerging technologies that will have a significant impact on this process […]

CASE STUDY: ROADWARRIOR.TV – Courseware, Classroom 2.0 and LMS as a registrar.

CASE STUDY: ROADWARRIOR.TV – Courseware, Classroom 2.0 and LMS as a registrar.

December 16, 2014

It’s amazing how many times has this situation happened lately: Large corporations seeking a substantial improvement in their in their training departments (L & D). They go after a technological improvement that involves a qualitative leap and that puts them at the head of the race for innovation, through the use of trending tools such as on-line video, collaborative platforms or the ultimate LMS.

Micole Bautista: Video and the power of Gamification

Micole Bautista: Video and the power of Gamification

November 26, 2014

What does owning a corporate television mean? How do videos facilitate conversations? How can this technology open minds and be used for things you’ve never seen before? Is Gamification the ultimate partner for on-line video? Micole Bautista, Managing Director of EyeLevel Australia, shares his thoughts in this video as he builds world-class capabilities in Sales […]


Who else is in the Room?

Andre Yap

Founder + CEO

Born and raised in Manila and educated in the US, Andre has started and invested in ventures in the US, Europe and Asia, all focused on the content, media and technology space, all game-changing ventures where he takes an active role either as an operational founder or as a board member focused on developing strategy and execution KRAs.

Twitter: @andreayap

Aileen Gutierrez

Director, Business and Org. Dev.

Aileen is in a unique role that involves Business Development, Sales and Marketing, and Human Resources for a company pioneering solutions at the intersection of video content technologies and its strategic impact on ​the organization.

This multi-faceted role for CTV provides her insight on what truly matters for the business and the role of HR in achieving them.

Kamille Mercado

Business Dev. & Client Services

Her education and experience with information design, sales, and managerial skills are surpassed only by her exceptional work ethic.

The balancing act of managing projects while creating proposals and finalizing deals with our valued clients is all in a day’s work for this young go-getter and she’s also one of the nicest people to be around!

Anna Padilla

Operations Manager

Anna has been working in the advertising and broadcast industry since the late 90s, doing production work for TV Commercials, Network TV, Print and anything and everything in between. She believes that information through entertainment is a good way to teach and learn.

Shoot it and they will watch.

Nacho de José


Chief operating Officer of Corporate Television, experience in corporate finance and operations, previous background in PriceWaterhouseCoopers and other consulting firms.

Daniel Collado

Director of R&D

Daniel has spent the last years delving into Internal Communication and Training, in addition to working as a director, graphics designer, and VFX creator.

His passion for audiovisuals and narrative storytelling can only be compared to his love for teaching.

Twitter: @danicollado_CTV